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Luis Day Song

2008-01-06 00:22:19 by LyricMaster

Lyrics to: Luis Day Song


Some-Douchebag: Your moderator luis BANNED ME. You should DE-MOD him!
Tom: Luis isn't my moderator. He's my friend.

Verse 1
Luis is my friend.
He helps moderate the site.
He bought me drinks at Comic-Con.
And we had a good night.

Luis is my friend.
His cartoons are alright.
He made one for Halloween
And it gave me a big fright

Luis is my friend.
He's also really nice
He made a Newgrounds Scrapbook.
In fact, he's done it twice.

Luis is my friend.
He submits to Pico Day.
His cartoons are real awesome.
And never ever gay.

Luis is my friend.
He comes to the Mod Meet.
We drink lots of beer.
And that is pretty sweet.

Luis is my friend.
He invented the collab.
They all started in Time Trials.
But some of them were bad.

Luis is my friend.
That's all I have to say.
Let's all throw a party.
And call it "Luis Day"!

Happy Luis Day, Luis!
My Review: It made me lol. Luis made collabs? Informative and funny. Hilarious. 10/10
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